Tokyo in Autumn: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Nov 15, 20173 min read

Tokyo in Autumn: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Aaaaaaah!! Going through these photos make my heart skip a beat! Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is located smack center of Shinjuku, and easily my most favorite place in Tokyo! It’s almost unbelievable how nature, a huuuge garden in this case, and bright lights of a modern city can coexist in one place! Did you notice that all those four sentences ended with an exclamation point?

This beautiful garden opens at 9am, with an entrance fee of 200 JPY (~90 PHP), and just a kilometer away from my hostel. I got there before it opened, and there were about 15 people waiting by the gate. Because of the enormous size of this place, I almost felt like I had it all to myself. Taking photos without anyone in the background was a piece of cake! But having no one there also meant there wasn’t anyone to take my photos for me, haha.

I could have spent more time here had I not been so hungry. I skipped breakfast so I could get there early. Totally worth it!

While I write this, I’m having a hard time with the title. Should I go with “Tokyo in Autumn” or “Autumn in Tokyo”? It’s so confusing because I cannot decide what is the star of the show, Tokyo or autumn???

On my way out, I came across beautiful yellow trees. I was lucky enough to witness a family doing a photoshoot (with their cute little Japanese kid). Moments later…. more kids!

I swear, all Japanese kids look the same to me, but in different sizes. They’re all so adorable, I could not resist snapping a few photos! <3

So grateful for all the kind strangers who took these photos of me. When I ask them to take my photo, they always ask afterwards to check how they look, to see if I’m satisfied – a small act that I appreciate so much! But of course, Trisha being Trisha, I would always say ,”Oh, it’s good! Thank you so much. Arigatou gozaimasu.” even when it was blurred af. I pair these sentences with a thumbs up sign for extra gratitude points, because that’s as far as my Nihongo “skills” go.

Just gonna spam you with more photos from here on out until you vomit yellow leaves… and poop yellow leaves… at the same time.

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