Trisha Lim

Frontend Engineer

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Hey, I'm Trisha! 👋

I'm a Frontend Engineer with 8 years experience building interactive web apps. I care about good design, solving problems and making the web more usable one page at a time.

I also write about tech and take photos.

📍 Lisbon, Portugal


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Trisha led the frontend development on one of my projects for over two years, overseeing a full website redesign along with various iterative improvements, new features, and rewrites.

She didn't just code; she developed a deep understanding of our target users, making complex data easier to understand for everyone. Her proactive approach and ability to simplify complex visualizations were game-changers for the project.

Trisha is a talented frontend engineer, designer, and strategic thinker. Any team would be lucky to have her.

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Steve Lacey
Technical Lead at Law School Transparency

As lead frontend engineer and product designer, Trisha thought deeply about user needs, and onboarded a tremendous amount of information about law schools in the US. Using this knowledge, she made major improvements to our website, especially with simplifying complex data in charts and tables, making it more consumable for users.

Trisha really brought our mission to life in a way it never was before. Frontend engineers are great, but frontend engineers who are also big-picture thinkers are indispensable. I wish I had her help years earlier.

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Kyle McEntee
Senior Director for Prelaw Engagement at LSAC



March 2022 - March 2024

As a frontend-focused full-stack engineer, I worked on improving the user experience, which involves frontend and backend development, design, and copywriting.

Jul 2020 - Dec 2021

Apolinar is an award-winning digital team in New Zealand creating content-managed websites.

May 2019 - Jul 2020

Corebridge is a management tool for printing businesses.

Apr 2017 - Mar 2019

Catapult develops a rate management software for freights for searching and comparing rates, managing margins, filing tariffs, etc.

May 2016 - Mar 2017

I developed UI for printers using C++ in a Linux environment.

Apr 2015 - May 2015

I underwent trainings on React and SQL, then developed a web app using said technologies.