Law School Transparency

Law School Transparency is a tool that helps pre-law students make strategic choices about where to apply and attend law school using the most comprehensive source of law school data.

As a frontend-focused full-stack engineer, I've been working on improving the user experience of Law School Transparency, implementing new features in the frontend and backend, maintaining, designing, visualizing data and copywriting.

Here's a brief summary of what I've done in my year and a half working on LST.

School profile redesign

LST has over 10 years of data on each law school regarding enrollment, employment, admissions, job outcomes, salaries, costs, and debt.

How can I present this data in a way that makes it meaningful, and helps students achieve their goal of finding the right school for them? I simplify and prioritize for the users that are easily overwhelmed or just want a quick summary, but I also dive into the statistics in detail for those that want to know more.

I shared my process in more detail here.



An onboarding questionnaire for personal report

Our main goal is to help prelaw students find law schools that are a good fit for them. Going to the right school is a crucial decision in their legal career, because it determines what kind of work they can do after graduation, and which states they can work in.

The tool that covers all those factors is called the personal report, and that's where we want to lead users to.

I created an onboarding questionnaire to lead users step by step in creating their personal report.

personal report onboarding

A login popup to promote signups

There are tools that require users to be signed in, including the personal report. I created a component that wraps buttons that trigger an action for logged in users only. Instead of performing the action when the user is not logged in, it shows the popup instead.

login popup

A debt calculator to replace block of text


old debt projection section


debt calculator screenshot

Home page redesign and rebrand


LST home page before redesign


LST home page after redesign

Other Projects