Summer in Europe (2023)

Aug 15, 20233 min read

Summer in Europe (2023)

A year after moving to Europe, I'm still in awe every time I arrive at another country without any paperwork. It's always a "pinch me" moment.

On 11th of November 2017, I created an itinerary for my dream Europe trip.

The total cost was going to be ~$2k. It was gonna take me a year to save up this amount, and it was just too much. So I put it off.

I made the same plans for the next year, and the next and so on.. And it just never made sense financially. 5 years later, I live here now and I can go whenever and wherever I want. It's funny how things worked out even better than I planned.

I have all these limiting beliefs and life just keeps proving me wrong.

I no longer plan as much. I don't take as many photos as before. I don't feel like I have to fit in every little thing into 5 days. I can just take my time, and trust that there's always an opportunity to come back if I really wanted to.

It's more than just about the sights now. I now also found a love for food, learning about how people live in every country, making new connections, reconnecting. 💕


However, I do miss the awe that I felt when I first started traveling - especially on my first ever solo trip. That feeling when you first realize that there is a place in the world that is completely different to everything you had ever known in your life. It's surreal.

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

I have some (smaller) moments like this until now,  and I want to remember as much as possible.

Lisbon, Portugal

Ericeira, Portugal

Sicily, Italy

Germany in August


Next up, Berlin and South of France! 🥰

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