Singapore Day 3: Haji Lane, Arab Street, National Gallery Singapore

Oct 8, 20173 min read

Singapore Day 3: Haji Lane, Arab Street, National Gallery Singapore

Down to our last day in Singapore! Sad to say Pal had an early flight in the morning, so it was just Sonia and I. I think she only went to Singapore for Universal Studios, so I had to plan this day because she seemed uninterested. Hi, Son! 😛

So… Google search keywords that morning always had the word “Instagrammable” in it, of course. I decided that we head to Bugis for pasalubong, then to Haji Lane, Arab Street and National Gallery Singapore.

Haji Lane

Color explosion!!!!!!!

So hipster.

At this cafe, you can have your picture taken and printed on the seal of your drink. See sample on their door. Pretty cool…. and funny… and a little awkward.

This cafe is so ME! So dainty and pink! Also… a wild Sonia appeared. (That is her in the glass reflection)

This is my favorite photo! One thing you can see here though is that the right side has so much shade, and it’s so bright on the left. We went in the morning, but I think we would have had better lighting in the afternoon? I don’t know! Haha

Rainbow cake! I took this photo for Pal because he loves rainbows, but I never got to show it to him. So I hope he is reading this now. Speaking of Pal, he gets his travel photos printed into a photo book / album! He got one for this trip recently. I have yet to see them in person, but I am already jealous.

Arab Street

This building design is everywhere in Singapore. I first saw it in Chinatown so I thought it was a Chinese design. Then I saw in Little India as well. And then in Arab Street, so now.. I don’t know?! But it’s cute and Instagrammable and that is what’s important here okay.

We had a lot more time remaining for this day. Singapore is so small that I think we needed to find “hole in the wall” non-touristic spots that day but weren’t able to. So we used the remaining time to head to the airport early and guess what we found??? FREE FOOT MASSAGE!!!!!! What a beautiful ending to a beautiful trip. 😀

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