Singapore Day 2: Universal Studios, Spectra Light Show, Marina Bay

Oct 1, 20176 min read

Singapore Day 2: Universal Studios, Spectra Light Show, Marina Bay

Hello to another exciting day in a new city! This is the only day when Sonia, Pal, Mimi (thanks for showing us around!) and I are all together, so it made sense to choose this day for Universal Studios. We got our day passes from Klook for ~Php2,500. The theme park opens at 10:00 AM but we were there a little later than that, which meant there were already long queues. And it was on a Saturday too. Don’t go on a weekend like we did! 😀

Before entering, we saw the Universal sign. We skipped right by it and went straight ahead to the queue. This photo was taken right after we left at around 5pm. My tip is to go straight through the rides while the queues are not yet that long and take photos later.

The moment we got into the park, we headed to the Transformers ride. This was the best one ever. You just sit in this vehicle as if you are a transformer fighting decepticons alongside Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Sometimes you’re this huge robot in a fight, then you will notice that you become a car driving extremely fast through this ruined city. The next thing you know you are falling off from a building. I loved it so much because even though everything seemed so real, I knew it was just an illusion from a screen. I was not actually falling. The objects that were thrown my way were not real. I was not in danger (as opposed to roller coaster rides).

Time for another long queue. The Mummy is an indoor roller coaster. During the ride, it’s mostly dark so you don’t really know if you’re about to make that “drop”, which was awesome because I am no adrenaline junkie. Having to not only experience the drops but to also see it is terrifying to me.

Just gonna be a series of photos from inside the park from here on.

Witness my self-timer skills! :p

As I was taking pictures of myself with the self-timer, a cute guy walked by and offered to take one for me. 🙂 Thanks stranger!

Riverdale feels! This is where we had lunch.

It was raining for some time during the day. When it finally stopped, we headed to the Galactica. Some would say this is one the best (if not the best) ride in the park. To me, it’s just the most terrifying one. It’s a roller coaster that turns 360 degrees. During the ride, I only opened my eyes for literally 10 seconds. I experienced almost all of it with my eyes closed and lots of screaming. I guess I am not a “roller coaster person”, but at least I got to experience it once in my life and I know now it’s not for me.

We went on some other rides but the three I’ve mentioned were the most memorable ones.

At around 5-6 PM, we exited the park. It was still very bright outside. The sun sets at around 7 in the evening in Singapore.

We got to see the sunset while walking through Sentosa.

We then took the MRT to Marina Bay.

We were heading to the mall to see the daily light show called Spectra at 9:00 PM. It took us longer than needed to reach the mall because this view was quite distracting. 🙂

We made it to the mall. This is a space for people to sit and watch the light show. I sat there, took my shoes and socks off. Why? Because I was so tired, my feet were dying and who the hell knows me in this city anyway? :p

Lo and behold, the Spectra light show. It was pretty to look at – music and dancing water and lights. Honestly, despite how extraordinary and grand it was, I felt underwhelmed. Half the time I was just thinking how they were able to make the water go very high up into the air. Something is clearly wrong with me.

As mentioned in the previous blog post (Day 1), we were supposed to go to Mankansutra Gluttons Bay for dinner, but we got lost and skipped it. In Day 2, we gave it another shot.

I have to say, that was one the best dinners I’ve had in my entire life. This meal was the best one I had in Singapore, and the spectacular skyline view was just too much to wrap my head around.

This is what I’m talking about.

It was time to go home, which means more walking to the next train station. And as if this city’s structures couldn’t get any better, we walked through the Helix Bridge on our way.

Another view from the bridge. This architectural masterpiece is the Art Science Museum.

That ends Day 2 in Singapore! It was hectic, but we wanted to see as much of it as we could in 3 days. It was exhausting yet successful and worth every sweat and ache in my body. 🙂

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