Kyoto: Arashiyama, Ninenzaka, Kodaiji Temple

Jan 7, 20184 min read

Kyoto: Arashiyama, Ninenzaka, Kodaiji Temple

Oh my god. I took so many photos in Japan, it’s so hard to go through them! But every time I do, I never fail to get this giddy feeling, thinking to myself.. wow, did this really happen? Kind of unbelievable how beautiful it is, honestly. This is day 2 in Kyoto, which was also my last exploring day of the trip. So.. here goes.

First thing on the schedule is Arashiyama.

Zenrinji Temple

I don’t like walking in the rain, but it gives the place a different kind of charm.

Life is too short for plain ol’ black and white socks!

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

I was very eager to see the famous Bamboo Grove because of the hype. It was disappointing. There is nothing special about it. Tourist trap alert!

Nijo Castle

I was supposed to go to a temple, but I took the wrong bus and decided to go to another place closer. It was a good decision. I went to so many temples already. A castle was a change of scenery.


I made it to Kodaiji temple. The day and night entrance fees were separate. I didn’t want to pay both, so I decided to sit somewhere outside to wait for night time. Then I saw a flight of stairs that led to this beautiful street called Ninenzaka! So charming! It’s amazing I only found it by accident. BEST ACCIDENT EVER!

Their taxis blend right in.

Welcome to the WORLD’S COOLEST STARBUCKS!!! Apparently, this building is a hundred years old.

They even preserved this garden!

Kodaiji Temple

It was dark already so I headed back to Kodaiji Temple. The reason why I chose night time over day time entrance is the night illumination. They light up the trees every night during autumn, and there is this beautiful orange and yellow reflection over the water.

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