What's in my everyday carry

Sep 19, 20222 min read

What's in my everyday carry

While traveling, I could never justify having more than 3 bags - a suitcase, a laptop bag, and a mini backpack for every day which fits my kindle and camera.

After 3 years of travel, I now have a home base, and everything I own no longer fits in a suitcase. I'm trying not to fall back into a trap of owning too much stuff, but also enjoying the new-found freedom of being able to buy what I want with no worry of how I'm going to lug them all around.

I wanted a bag just big enough to fit everyday essentials. Stylish but casual. Versatile but not boring. Matches my basic t-shirt + denim combo, or my floral dresses. Goes with my black boots, sandals or white sneakers.

I found O My Bag which sells leather bags in the $100-200 price range. I went with the Beck's Bum Bag The strap gives it a bit of a personality, but the black and white doesn't clash with my outfits. The brown also goes well with any color, but not as basic as black.

The main compartment has 4 card slots. I can also fit my power bank, iPhone 12 mini and lip products. You can put more stuff in, but you'd have to play tetris. I prefer to leave some comfortable space.

The smaller front compartment fits a cable and an airtag.

So far, this bag has served its purpose, and I've been loving using it. The only con is that it looks bigger than what it fits, because it's wide and thin.

I also sometimes feel like it's too casual, but a bag can't be everything I want it to be. I'm thinking of getting a small black shoulder bag for when I'm feeling dressier than usual.

Shot with Fujifilm X-E3 35mm f1.4

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