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Want more revenue?Get an in-depth website audit.

In 72 hours, get a list of actionable tasks to improve your website, get new customers and decrease churn.

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Improve UX

Help users easily find what they need, make your site more readable with a few tweaks, and so on.

Increase conversion

You've built a great product, so let's make sure potential customers understand your offer, then pay for it.

Get things done ASAP

Prioritize tasks that are easy to implement, yet bring in the most value.


You answer a few questions

Fill out a short form to help me get to know your business and main pain points, if any.


I audit your website

I create a list (and video) of actionable items to work on, prioritizing easy-to-implement high-ROI tasks, ready to hand over to a developer.


Ship it!

Get excited, then realize you now have some coding to do.

Get it done (or ask me to), and witness your newer, better website! 🛳

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100% money-back guarantee

Hey, I'm Trisha!

As a frontend engineer & designer, I know what tasks are easy or tedious to implement.

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Companies hire me to pitch ideas on how to improve their website through UX, SEO and copywriting, then I implement these changes.️

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