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Streets of Taiwan

I spent a good part of last year with so much negative emotions. I cannot get back all that time I spent feeling sorry for myself and just hating the way my life was, so this year, I made a commitment to myself to live my best life now. Not tomorrow, not next year. We really do not have as…

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Indonesia Part 1: Uluwatu, Turtle Conservation Center

First leg of this trip to Bali was Southern Bali. We stayed in Uluwatu. It was the first out of five Airbnb’s in our 16-day stay. It did not disappoint!   On the first day, we headed to the touristy Uluwatu Temple, just a few minutes of walking from the villa. Stunning view from up there. Uluwatu is famous for…

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Goodbye 2018

For the past two months, I’ve been applying for jobs nonstop, doing interviews and spending days on technical exams. In the end, all I got were rejections, some heavier than others. Last night, I got my last rejection for the year. It was the one that mattered to me most, because it was the job I wanted the most. I…

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