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    Solo Travel #4: Paperwork for Filipinos Traveling Abroad (Visa Applications, Immigration)

    Visa Applications   What is a visa? A visa is a document that allows foreign passport-holders to enter a country or group of countries for a certain period of time. There are different types of visa for different purposes of entering a country. A person can enter a country for work, studies, medical treatment, among other things. The process is different for each type of visa. We are only concerned with the tourist visa.     What is the purpose of a visa? To restrict who can or cannot enter the country. To restrict the duration of stay in the country. To restrict the number of times a foreigner can…

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    Solo Travel #3: Plan a Trip from Start to Finish (Making a Detailed Itinerary)

    This post covers everything that goes into planning a trip in detail. A plan will only guide you, because in reality, sometimes things don’t work out or something better comes along – like that time I took the wrong bus (it was the right one but went in the opposite direction lol), so I had to change my plans. This is the longest post of the Solo Travel Series, so I made a little table of contents. 🙂 Why an itinerary is important The best time to go Flight prices Weather/Season Taking time off Spots to visit A general search Touristy vs. “hidden” spots What are your interests? A more…

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    Solo Travel #2: Where to Go? What Can You Afford? (My Personal Recommendations)

    Narrow down your options based on your budget. How much money you need for a trip depends on where you are going. You have to consider: Flight prices Momondo Cebu Pacific Air AirAsia Accommodation Agoda Booking Hostel World Duration of the trip 4-6 days is a good number for first-timers To get a rough estimate of your budget, check the prices from the links above and do the following calculations: Flight = [ticket cost] + Php850.00 terminal fee + Php1,620 travel tax Meals = 3 x [meal cost] x [number of days] Accommodation = [number of nights] x [per night cost] Take note that this doesn’t account for transportation within the…

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    Indonesia Part 1: Uluwatu, Turtle Conservation Center

    First leg of this trip to Bali was Southern Bali. We stayed in Uluwatu. It was the first out of five Airbnb’s in our 16-day stay. It did not disappoint!   On the first day, we headed to the touristy Uluwatu Temple, just a few minutes of walking from the villa. Stunning view from up there. Uluwatu is famous for its cliffs. We spent the next day beach hopping. Most beaches were not good for swimming because of the big waves. On the third day, we went to a conservation center for turtles. In exchange for a donation, I got to adopt a baby turtle (named it Cookie like my…

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    Indonesia: My Climb Down Kelingking Beach

    Before embarking on a trip, I usually spend a few months being obsessed about the place, spending hours and hours of research on blogs, Youtube and forums. I comment on Instagram photos and ask people about their personal experiences. I have this obsession of trying to gather as much information as I can about certain places before I go. This is because it might be too expensive, too crowded, too far out of reach. There can be so many reasons not to go.

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    Japan Itinerary: 6 Days in Tokyo & Kyoto for 29,500PHP (600USD)

    On November 4-9, I went on a solo trip to Japan. With enough research and planning, I’m very proud to say that it was a successful trip. First, because I got to see so much of Tokyo and Kyoto. Second, because I did this without breaking my pocket. I ate some good food at convenience stores, food stalls and restaurants. I went on a hectic schedule every day without thinking much of train and bus expenses. Even under a tight budget, I did not feel like I missed out at all. I went inside temples, gardens and a castle. Some of them were free but for those that weren’t, I…