Streets of Taiwan

I spent a good part of last year with so much negative emotions. I cannot get back all that time I spent feeling sorry for myself and just hating the way my life was, so this year, I made a commitment to myself to live my best life now. Not tomorrow, not next year. We really do not have as much time as we think. Nothing is guaranteed.

So I started to take better care of my mind and my body. I introduced new habits to my daily routine. I was falling off these habits every now and then but I tried to pick them back up. It’s okay to not be perfect. I met people that (unknowingly) lifted me up and pushed me in the direction to follow my dreams. I quit my job, which was a big source of my frustrations, despite not knowing my next source of income. I could have backed out from my resignation easily. I was allowed to change my mind and stay at that job and have the financial security I’ve always had. On my last work week, still with no new job in line, I listened to my heart instead. It was telling me this was the right way to go, and that this is what I truly wanted for me.

It’s difficult to explain, but I just had this feeling that this where I’m supposed to be, and somehow I, the control freak, the rule follower.. was brave enough to listen to a “feeling” and take that leap of faith.

It’s like the universe heard my desires and everything fell into place. A month later, I found myself in Taiwan lugging around my laptop inside my backpack trying to work at hostels a few hours for a few days (yas, I found a new job!). The rest of the time, I was exploring the streets of Taiwan, sipping on milk tea, passing by countless shops, snapping away with my camera, drinking beers, dancing the night away…

I’m back in Cebu now. As I write this with tears in my eyes, I’m telling myself.. I love you, thank you for doing this and for being brave and for making the decision to live your best life.. I don’t know what’s going to happen next week or next month, but I feel so free and I can feel that even better days are coming. <3

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