The Quiet Side of El Nido: Nacpan Beach

The funny thing about travel is that even though it only lasts for a few days or a week, that feeling of joy is always there in remembering. As I am writing this on my bed after work on a Monday, my heart feels full reminiscing this trip and being excited for the ones in the coming months.

Outside the busy and tourist-packed town of El Nido lies a long stretch of white sand beauty called Nacpan Beach. An hour-long bumpy jeepney ride led us to a place that looked just like any provincial remote area in the Philippines, except it wasn’t. You wouldn’t guess that this beach was situated just 10 minutes away from the muddy uncemented roads by foot. What’s even more interesting here is that many of the locals speak Bisaya.

It’s not a secret that I’m a sunrise-sunset kind of gal, so unsurprisingly, I set my alarm for the next day and headed for the beach when it was dark. Losing sleep is always worth it if it means being able to wake up as the sun rises and have an entire beach to yourself. Beautiful is an understatement.

What a perfect way to cap off this trip. Palawan, you have my heart and I cannot wait to come back to you. See you in a few months! <3

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