Photo Diary: Siargao

I love Siargao so much that I went not once, but twice, this year. On my first time in February, my friends and I made sure to explore every attraction and eat as much food as we can take and afford. It meant long motorbike rides, sore butts and a (kind of big) hole in our savings, but we were determined. I also surfed for the first time. It gave me so much joy to be able to stand on the board on top of the little baby waves.

My second time (last August) in Siargao was a very different experience. It was more laid back, some naps here and there. We biked along General Luna. It gave me awful tan lines but we discovered the beautiful cemetery surf spot. We ended up at Cloud 9. I then bought mango shake from Cafe Loka and slept on one of their bean bags. I napped a lot during my time there. It was awesome.

Another thing we didn’t do on my first time was party, so that was one thing on my to-do list on the island. That was one my best Friday nights ever. The formula to a fun party is alcohol + crazy friends + weird dancing. At parties, you will either find me dancing like a crazy drunk person or just sitting in the corner with tired eyes wanting to go home. I was the latter for the first few hours, giving it 100% of my energy. At 2am, I went back to the hostel ahead of everyone else. From 100% to 0% battery life, that’s me. 🙂

Siargao has a special place in my heart. I hope it doesn’t change so it can remain my happy place forever. <3


  1. Love the photos <3
    Really want to try surfing na jd haha. Skim pa jd tawn ko kutob T.T

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