Looking Back on 2017

This year, I quit my soul-sucking job and pursued a childhood hobby. I was not sure what I was getting into. It was a scary life-changing decision that turned out to be awesome.

This year, I stopped asking myself the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I now spend less time being stuck in the past and focus more on the present and future. Acceptance is healing. And healing is moving on! πŸ™‚

This year, I started to have actual hobbies (binge watching TV shows, movies and vlogs do not count, okay?). I bought a camera and started a blog. This blog is my little place of freedom and expression on the internet. It is a combination of all things I love – travel, photography, writing. The best part is being able to share it with people. I believe that the more we share, the more we are able to understand each other. With that comes less judgment, and more empathy and forgiveness.

This year, I was introduced to the concept of “minimalism”, which is basically just another way of saying “less is more”. It’s about subtracting all the unnecessary parts of your life and retaining only those that add value to you, thus, living a more meaningful life with less clutter. Starting with material things (I’ve donated half of my clothes), I will work my way into my finances and my career. What kind of life do I want to live? Does saying “yes” to this one thing bring me closer to that life? Does it bring me lasting joy?

Travel. Travel has definitely been the biggest highlight of my year. 2017 was a series of travels. When I wasn’t on a trip, I was planning the next one. When I already had one planned after that, I planned another one, and another one.. I went to more places than I thought I could at 22 years old. I went on an epic solo adventure. I had never felt more anxious, scared and excited about anything ever in my life.

I end the year with countless memories, closer and closer to my dream, despite being so unsure of what that “dream” is. It’s okay. A dream is not something that will come to me with full specifications. It starts as small pieces of a puzzle, its picture unfolding as I make my way through it. Ironically, I welcome the new year with more certainty, but also more questions.

2017 is the best year of my life yet, and I cannot wait go on another (more) epic adventure in the year to come! Happy new year to all of my readers! I’m so grateful to everyone who has been supportive of me and my blogging. Thank you for all the messages. You inspire me by telling me I inspire you! Now, go do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, go!!!


  1. Yay! Looking forward to more of your travel stories in 2018 ?

  2. Amazing… Inspiring.

  3. Amazing photos. What camera did you use?

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