Indonesia Part 1: Uluwatu, Turtle Conservation Center

First leg of this trip to Bali was Southern Bali. We stayed in Uluwatu. It was the first out of five Airbnb’s in our 16-day stay. It did not disappoint!


On the first day, we headed to the touristy Uluwatu Temple, just a few minutes of walking from the villa. Stunning view from up there. Uluwatu is famous for its cliffs.

We spent the next day beach hopping. Most beaches were not good for swimming because of the big waves.

On the third day, we went to a conservation center for turtles. In exchange for a donation, I got to adopt a baby turtle (named it Cookie like my dog) and set it free to the ocean.


Later on that day, we went to a cliff to watch the sunset.


Wow. That was awesome. Next up, the Nusa Islands!

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