I’ll Be Okay

I was 19 years old. I remember feeling so hopeless and irreparably broken. How could I live the rest of my life with this gaping hole in my chest? Surely, life is not worth living when the pain is always there. It hurt so much, and I felt like it would last forever.

Time went by. And I cried and cried every night. And every day, I got up, did everything I had to do, and I did them well. Little by little I noticed that some days I would forget. Some days I was okay. Things got better – something I thought would never happen. Eventually, I was okay.

I’m now 23, and my heart has been broken in more ways than one. But this time, I go through it with the faith that I will be okay. If I could do it, not just once, but twice, then certainly I can do it again.

I might not be okay today, but tomorrow I will be a little bit better. This small comforting thought gets me through the day.



  1. This one makes me wanna admire you for being honest about your emotions as a person not just as a blogger. A lot of bloggers nowadays have been trying to sugarcoat everything that they portray in social media and it created some very unrealistic expectations when it comes to perceiving life. I liked it that you accept the part that you are not okay and still being hopeful to be okay. I always believe that we need to embrace those dark spots in our lives that linger in between our own happiness. Besides, we cannot appreciate the beauty of every rainbow without a little rain. Hold on during the sad days and celebrate the better ones! You are worthy of a happy life.

    • Hi Ysa!

      Thank you for your lovely message! Made me smile. 🙂 <3
      My blog is, first and foremost, a place where I can be myself 100% and that means being honest with my emotions, positive or negative. Social media can be deceiving because of this positive image we put out to the world (and I am guilty of that), so I try just be as authentic as I can. I was honestly wanting to hide or delete this post because it's so OA. Hahaha but I kept it there because it's real. 🙂


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