Golden Hour

Many photographers and cinematographers swear by the “golden hour”. A short period after sunrise and a little bit before sunset are some of the best times to capture moments. This is what we call the golden hour, when the sun shines the perfect amount of light and gives a golden cast to the components of your frame.

Surely, visual artists don’t shoot only at this time of day. They shoot under a cloudy sky, on a rainy day, and even indoors with little to no natural light. They see potential in every moment, no matter how ordinary it may seem. There is no wrong or right place; there is only the thought of creating something better than their last piece of work.

I think many of us fail to apply this in our lives. We wait for the right moment, for things to fall perfectly into place before going out there and doing what it is our heart truly desires.

I used to live inside the safe zone, always following the rules, never taking even the smallest of risks. And in a lot of ways, that is still who I am today, but in some aspects as well, I’ve made decisions to change my life and the way I think. I used to be a person who sulked and spent her free time in self-pity, now I am the kind who plans and executes.

Cliché as it may sound, life is what you make of it. And if you decide the perfect timing is now, that this is it, this is your golden hour in spite of chaos and uncertainty, then you’re absolutely right. Because life is messy and there is always going to be a reason not to do it (whatever it is), so you just gotta think about all the wonderful reasons why you should.

So go ahead, apply for that dream job that you don’t even think you’re good enough for. Say “I love you” because life is fleeting and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Wear your special dress on an ordinary day. And lastly, let go of the fear of rejection and be unapologetically you.


Location: Digyo Island, Cuatro Islas, Leyte

Photography: Angela Aguirre


  1. Very good writing Trish!
    So deep. I can say that this is just merely the surface of the depth of your life realizations. Looking forward to your articles like this.

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