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Category: Personal

Looking Back on 2017

This year, I quit my soul-sucking job and pursued a childhood hobby. I was not sure what I was getting into. It was a scary life-changing decision that turned out to be awesome. This year, I stopped asking myself the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I now spend less time being stuck in the past and…


22 Things I Know to be True at Twenty-Two

The best investments are not mutual funds or stock market shares, it’s the experiences that contribute to your personal and career growth. So before anything else, invest in yourself. It’s all about that self love, ya know? Being tired is not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve learned how to be “tired happy”. That’s when the day has sucked the energy…


Golden Hour

Many photographers and cinematographers swear by the “golden hour”. A short period after sunrise and a little bit before sunset are some of the best times to capture moments. This is what we call the golden hour, when the sun shines the perfect amount of light and gives a golden cast to the components of your frame. Surely, visual artists don’t shoot only…


Mt. Naupa: A Night in the Mountains

It was raining that afternoon. I never understood why people trek for hours on end just to reach the summit. Is it just to escape the mundane everyday routine, away from all the noise of responsibilities and work? Maybe I’m right, or maybe there’s something more to it. This hour long hike to Mount Naupa confirmed something I already knew –…


How I Got My Home-Based Part-Time Job

Generally, in the Philippines, when you want to “live life to the fullest” without burning out your savings, you have to be willing to work extra hard and find multiple streams of income. For others, it could be a small business, passive income or investments. In my case, it’s freelancing. What I like about it is if you have a computer,…

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