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Indonesia: My Climb Down Kelingking Beach

Before embarking on a trip, I usually spend a few months being obsessed about the place, spending hours and hours of research on blogs, Youtube and forums. I comment on Instagram photos and ask people about their personal experiences. I have this obsession of trying to gather as much information as I can about certain places before I go. This is because it might be too expensive, too crowded, too far out of reach. There can be so many reasons not to go.


Winter in South Korea: Nami Island and Garden of Morning Calm

Last February, my friends Pal, Sonia and I went to South Korea. We were on different flights. I took a late night flight (which was delayed) and arrived at Incheon Airport at around 10pm. According to my research, the trains stop at midnight. I was literally running around the airport trying to catch the train to Seoul at the eleventh…

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